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Welcome. This is a day I never thought I would see. This is a web site
dedicated to The Who, and fully supported by both remaining members of
the band, Roger Daltrey and myself. Roger has been slow to engage the
power of the web, but I’ll let him speak about that in his own welcome.
We are joining forces here, and that is grand step. This website will
create a conduit for two-way contact with our fans. The best way to
begin is by being as honest as possible.
I have no idea where this enterprise will lead. Unlike any other similar
project it requires that you subscribe in order to take advantage of the
resources on offer here. Charging you for a website is something I have
rarely done in the past. True, I have made some attempts to create a
pay-to-view conduit for live events from my studio, and for parts of Who
live concerts in 2006 and 2007. However, these attempts failed to make
enough money to cover even the most basic costs, and not because of
technical problems in the production or with streaming, but rather
because of technical problems encountered in dealing with e-commerce
transactions and ensuring delivery of the events. I hope that the
subscription scheme we are now introducing is something you.

1 thought on “BLOG ON”

  1. Colin Huxley says:

    Dear Pete,

    The Quatermass experiment!! Yes it scared the
    Bejesus out of me I still remember one guy
    taking off the coat from his arm to reveal
    a cactus growing out of it! Terrifying!



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