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I’m getting along OK.
It feels a little deceitful to report to Who fans that I am writing, because I assume that you will assume I mean writing songs for the Who. I’m not there yet, and I’m not even sure I want to go there, or could go there if I wanted to, or should go there if I could. I’m just trying to write. I have been listening to an iPod on random lately and some of my unreleased songs from the past thirty years occasionally come on mixed with other people’s music. Some of the songs sound wonderful, some of them don’t. What is always surprising is how wide ranging my writing can be. Another way of putting it would be to say I sound lost.
The most exciting thing for me at the moment is that I am able to do some things I enjoy, every day. My big studio has been sold now. I am building a tiny new recording studio control room at the moment, and doing all the work myself, I am not using any outside hands-on help at all so it will feel very ‘pure-Pete’ when it’s finished. I also gave myself a wonderful big room with only a piano in it, and I’m practising constantly and coming up with some good pieces. I’m swimming pretty often at the moment too. I feel good, and I’m pretty happy.
Rachel is really busy developing her musical (ASH) and I enjoy engineering her demos at home. It helps me keep my hand in technically.
The big news is that Nicola Joss has arranged for me to get a haircut for the VH1 TV show.

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