“Tom Wright. Good man,” says Pete Townshend in an article he wrote specially for the London Times. “I’ve always been susceptible to a good man.”
“My first was Graham Beard,” Pete continues, “my best friend (though I was perhaps not his best) from the age of 4 until about 11, when we went to watch Bill Haley play and I picked up a guitar. Then I was befriended by an assortment of fellows, from among whom John Entwistle rose as the most constant until I was 17. Then at Ealing Art School in the spring of 1962 I met Richard Barnes (later an important Who biographer) and we laughed our way into a longstanding friendship so intense that it’s not surprising it has quieted in recent years. Barney and I soon met Tom and ended up in a flat in the same house he shared with his friend Cam.”
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