Pete Townshend Remembers Frank Barselona


Frank Barsalona was The Who’s agent in the USA from the beginning almost until the end. He arranged our first appearance in New York at the Murray the K Show in 1967, Woodstock in 1969, and every major tour from then until in the ’90s the big companies like Michael Cohl, Live Nation, Concerts West and AEG started to provide entire tour programmes for artists like The Who.


He was loved by all who knew him, a particular favourite with us and the Bruce Springsteen gang. He married his English wife June who we knew as an editor at the British fan magazine Fabulous back in 1964. She actually did our first such interview. Their daughter Nicole arrived much later, a cherished addition to one of the great families of pop and rock.


Frank was a great and discerning art collector, favouring modern work, and his first apartment in New York was designed around a stunning De Kooning that must be worth many millions today. His passing was not unexpected. He’d slowed down lately, and we all knew that Frank was not a man who would be comfortable living slow……..


Damn! First Mike Shaw, then Chris Stamp, then Frank. They all passed within a week of each other.  It’s been a strange time. I can’t feel sadness though. These three guys were the best, and helped build an industry that still prevails to this day – nearly fifty years on from when they started.


Frank was a gem. Just thinking about him always makes me smile.


Pete Townshend

November 28th, 2012

5 thoughts on “Pete Townshend Remembers Frank Barselona”

  1. Cat says:

    Another rock luminary passed with in the week: the great record promotion man, Pete Bennett. Pete worked with the Stones, Beatles (taking a stronger role at Apple after Brian Epstein died), as well as solo George Harrison (he helped organize the Concert for Bangladesh) and John and Yoko (who he famously booked on the Mike Douglas Show). He was also fond of telling the story of how he bought a hungry Pete Townshed a pizza in California in the 1960s, before the Who were big stars. RIP, Peter.

  2. D Stenger says:

    It must be a tough time, Pete. Thank you for taking time during the tour to share your thoughts about all three of these fine gentlemen. It is probably no coincidence that they passed so close in time. God bless them all.

  3. Tara says:

    It always seems in the case of death, when it rains it pours. In this case losing 3 very close people so quickly makes it much more difficult. Also it seems to happen during the holiday season. That’s how i have experienced it as well in my life. My thoughts are with you during this difficult journey. May you find inner peace. Take Care,

  4. Patricia2plant says:

    “They say” death always comes in three’s. You were blessed to have had the same folks surrounding you for so many years.

  5. L.David Klem says:

    Just finished reading your book Pete really enjoyed it.

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