Pete Townshend Remembers Chris Stamp


Chris Stamp wasn’t just a good looking boy. He was tough, kind, creative and fun to be around. I can’t think of anyone with whom it was better to brainstorm. For me, our best idea will always be THE WHO SELL OUT. We got so excited when we figured we could sell advertising space between tracks on our records. Why leave that income to radio stations and pop magazines? We weren’t prepared for how irritated those guys would be with the idea. Chris was also very spiritually open, and later in his life focussed on the questions of the purpose of the soul. That said, he was never pious or pompous, never preachy. In his last days, despite terrible pain, we who were lucky enough to spend time with him, felt the presence of angels (or something like that) around him. There was a different kind of light in the room when he was fighting back at his cancer.


He had a wonderful life in his early and later years. The middle years, very much like my own, were tough partly because of his massive success. Track Records – which Chris ran for many years – had The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan and a dozen other big hit single successes. The Who’s success in the USA brought us all great notoriety, and Chris was as hard living as the rest of us. But he found recovery many, many years before it came into vogue to do so in the music business, and as a result became like a kind of recovery guru in the New York area, loved and respected by hundreds of people he met in his work as a counsellor.


Roger became especially close to Chris in recent years, all past arguments and complaints forgotten. Love prevailed between them. I never lost touch with Chris because together we continued to be partners in Fabulous Music who published all the early Who music in the UK and Europe.


I will miss him, but remember him with real gratitude and pleasure – always.


Pete Townshend

November 28th, 2012





14 thoughts on “Pete Townshend Remembers Chris Stamp”

  1. Tim says:

    Hey, did you guys make it over to the 7th ave entry last night to check to those guys who were playing “The Who By Numbers” in it’s entirety?

  2. Hugh says:

    I met Chris Stamp at a Rock Hall Q&A during the Tommy/The Who exhibit in 2005, He was gracious and very interested in my copy of the High Numbers “I’m the Face” on Fontana records and how there were so few left of the originals-they had been bought up by family and friends to get the sales explosion for this hot new band he was taking over with Kit Lambert! I appreciate his time and warm conversations with us that evening, a true gentleman, with a hint of the rascal still in him! Miss you and thanks for everything. Hugh

  3. Very nice post Pete. I only recently realized Chris is Terence Stamp’s brother, what an amazing amount of talent in one family. The love for your dear friend shines through in this loving eulogy. Thank you.

  4. Patricia Puma says:

    I was honored to have meet Chris at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor NY. I sat next to him and his wife , not knowing who he was. I loved the Who growing up, and went to see the play Tommy. He and his wife treated me as if they knew me for years. At the end of the play he went on stage for questions and answer time . He stated how he was a trauma therapist . It took me 5 years to go to him however he never forgot me and spiritually the magic happened. He truly enlighten myself and I spoke of him as my spiritually advisor. I remember last year he said Patricia I can’t see you next week Im going To NYC to meet up with Roger . He spoke as if we were all one big family. My heart is broke today . But I know as Chris would say he may not be here in earthly form but spiritually we are all as one.

    He was a gift that will truly be missed,

    Patricia Puma

  5. Doug says:

    My condolences to Pete and Roger and the families of Mike Shaw, Frank Barsolona, and Chris Stamp. May Peace find all.

  6. ellarrwhofan says:

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Too many good people have left us lately.

  7. Gina B says:

    Pete, You are a beautiful friend.

  8. Brian Slater says:

    Very sad to hear of Chris’s passing. As a life-long Who fan, Chris and Kit epitomized the creative, thinking, managers. Always pushing the boundaries rather than accepting them. I’m playing The Who Sell Out now. Still sounds like it was released just yesterday.

    R.I.P. Chris, Thanks for your brilliant life and legacy.

  9. Walter says:

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend, as always the realities of life can run the gammet.

  10. D Stenger says:

    Thanks, Pete. A very gracious and fitting tribute. We really appreciate it any time you share your thoughts. I have no doubt there were angels present.

  11. I met him once in an elevator in Omaha, Nebraska.
    Endllesswire tour I do believe. It was just him and I, and I will never forget it. As the elevator door closed I looked at him and I new I recognized that face but could not put a name to it. I asked how are you? And he replied with the most congenial voice I have ever encountered. Then as the elevator door opened he exited out, leaving behind a sense of; that was much to brief. I felt I could have talked to him for hours. And as the elevator door was closing; it was at that point I remembered the name. Chris Stamp.


  12. Frank says:

    I remember standing near him at a Who show in MSG a few years ago. I’m not sure who had a bigger smile on their face… or him? RIP Chris!!


  14. Mark Empire says:

    I was at Roger’s solo show in Red Bank NJ a couple years back. I was wearing a t-shirt with the A Quick One album cover on it, and Chris came almost running up to me seemingly from out of nowhere to tell me how much he loved the shirt! The 15-year-old inside me was going out of his mind, but he and his wife talked to me for a while and were very nice and even took pics of us together on his cell. Didn’t remember to get any pics on MY phone of us, of course, me being an idiot and all, but you know, he was so cool to me that it didn’t even matter. Will always cherish the memory.


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