Pete, Roger and Buddy Holly: Words of Love


Born out of a conversation with Roger Daltrey, who first conceived the idea of Words of Love back in 2017, Genesis Publications is honoured to publish the definitive celebration of musician, songwriter and rock and roll trailblazer, Buddy Holly.

In partnership with María Elena Holly and The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, this seminal volume covers Buddy’s life, music and enduring legacy, offering an unseen perspective on the man behind the timeless music. This edition is presented as a limited edition boxed set of just 559 copies and features original cover art created specially by Ronnie Wood, with a foreword by María Elena Holly and an introduction by esteemed music critic Greil Marcus.

Each of the 559 boxset Deluxe Editions are signed by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. The boxset Artluxe Edition of just 50 copies are signed by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and Maria Elena Holly.  The proceeds will benefit Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America.

The book is narrated by over 80 of the world’s most influential musicians, such as David Gilmour, Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend and Brian Wilson, explaining what Buddy Holly means to them. Words of Love unravels the complexities of Holly’s enduring legacy, from his Texan roots, to his work in the studio and on tour with The Crickets, to his inner creative world and the final months of innovation in New York City that preceded his tragic death.

Words of Love charts the unusual rise of a musical pioneer who defied conventions and changed the course of music history. Buddy’s career is presented through a large collection of never-before-seen photography and personal items belonging to Buddy Holly, accompanied by the stories of those close to him, including Marí­a Elena Holly.

Words of Love will be published in September 2024.

Full details and pre-order links of this extraordinary and unique publication can be found here Buddy Holly : Word of Love

‘We got to be very close friends with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, and he wrote a couple of things for us. ‘Love’s Made a Fool of You’ might have been one. We had just learned to dress a little sharper ourselves and they noticed it, so we took them to all the places.’ – Don Everly

Words of Love offers a new and intimate perspective on Buddy Holly’s life, rediscovering exactly why Buddy continues to resonate today with music enthusiasts and musicians alike. Captions by María Elena Holly tell the stories behind the images: meeting Buddy, his spontaneous and warm personality, his aspirations as an actor and producer, and where he planned on taking his music in the future.

The ambassadors talk about Buddy Holly’s music, songwriting and live performances, and how his music shaped their own journeys. His writing, his playing, his pioneering recording methods and his willingness to protect his rights are all felt today, and so much music simply wouldn’t exist without him. From his contemporaries to the future generations he inspired, Genesis and the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation are lucky to have an incredible array of ambassadors who help to promote Buddy Holly’s legacy.

Alongside these fascinating accounts are biographies examining each ambassador’s own artistic relations to Buddy, written by some of the most respected names in music journalism, including Bob Harris, Johnnie Walker, Mike Read, Paul Jones and Rona Elliot. Also included is unpublished text from Paul Anka, Sonny Curtis, Don Everly, Dion, Larry Holley, Hank Marvin and Cliff Richard, among many more.


Since 2018, The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation have been supporters of Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America, and Genesis is honoured that every purchase of Words of Love will benefit these two charities.

The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation continues to preserve Buddy Holly‘s legacy. They focus on promoting his legendary music so that it continues to remain relevant and inspirational for future generations of fans and musicians. Their mission is to bring Buddy and María Elena Holly‘s dream of extending musical education, including songwriting, production, arranging, orchestration, and performance, to new generations regardless of income or ethnicity or learning levels.

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