Pete: Home after the Tour

I got home five days after everyone else because I had four days of PR to do, radio, TV and media interviews in New York City. As soon as I landed in London I realised I had a chest infection, but it seems mild. That’s a blessing because I have another three weeks of PR here in the UK. My novel comes out November 5th and the Who album on December 6th, so there isn’t much rest for me just yet. The good thing is that I am so pleased and proud about the first responses to both projects. There will be less enthusiastic reviews of course, but I have worked very hard to make both projects as good as they can be, so I’m really pushing at the peak of my creative ability. That said, one thing every creative project needs is time, and I’ve been so lucky to be able to afford to take as much time as I needed on both the book and writing and making demos of the songs for The Who album.

The tour was an easy one, I find working with the orchestra makes my job clearer, and I know exactly where I can break out. The show passes quickly too. Roger’s been great. Audiences have been amazing of course. Thanks so much for going to so much trouble to get to see us. I occasionally go out to see shows and I know how much it costs, and how much time it takes to do.

Being away for 65 days in my case has been hard, and it’s so good to come back and see our four dogs and sleep in my own bed.

For those of you who don’t use Instagram, which is my main social media platform at the moment, I am going to repost some of the things I put up there on the tour. Here’s the first batch. I’ll do some more later.


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yaggerdang June 16, 2019

Me at the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus in 1968 before the cognac started to flow. Photo from Dick Polak’s exhibition

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yaggerdang July 1, 2019

At Ealing Art College in West London in 1963 the radical playwright David Mercer came to give a lecture. It was life-changing for me. The title of his first trilogy of plays about the British Working Class inspired the title of ‘My Generation’. Any rage in that song was inspired here, not really from the Queen Mother getting my car towed away from outside my flat. That’s just a story to amuse journalists. But in ‘My Generation’ there was both frustration and ebullience. PS: Freddie Mercury and Ronnie Wood both attended Ealing Art College. So far, I am the only one with an Honorary Doctorate. It must surely be time for Professor Woody? I like the sound of Professor Mercury too.

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yaggerdang July 1, 2019

Proof that I am serious about orchestral music. This was the cello I used for my ‘Happy Jack’ demo recording. Thanks to Matt Kent for this OZ magazine offshoot. 

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yaggerdang July 2, 2019

I used the ARP 2500 and 2600 synthesizers on Who’s Next, Who Are You, Quadrophenia and the soundtrack of the Ken Russell movie of Tommy. This article is from the ARP house magazine.

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yaggerdang July 4, 2019

Ready for an interview about The Shadows, the first guitar band I fell in love with when I was 15. Their hit ‘Apache’ changed the way I approached music. Their ‘Man of Mystery’ was the first music I ever recorded on a friend’s basic tape machine. PS: The tee is a BBC Radiophonics Workshop limited edition from the last tour they did.

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yaggerdang July 6, 2019

Running through the ‘Overture’ of Tommy for tonight’s Wembley show. I’ve played it a thousand times but still find it hard to follow.

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yaggerdang July 6, 2019

Repost. Thanks Loren. Me and Eddie Vedder running through a song for tonight. @officialthewho @eddievedder# @pearljam #quadrophenia

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yaggerdang September 3, 2019

Before I set off for this Who tour I spent a little time in my studio with Rachel and Nakhane, and the wonderful Emeli Sande who were doing vocals on Rachel’s The Seeker project for BMG records. So great to see Emeli again. She wasn’t sure about holding my hand but I wouldn’t let go!! Her new song ‘Shine’ is glorious. We both worked the stage at the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony and she was just astounding. I have five songs on Rachel’s song cycle based on the Herman Hesse novel Siddhartha. The music is sublime. Be prepared to have your mind blown and your heart lifted. Rachel is a genius. My wife is a genius. Ho hum. Let’s break a fingernail and keep up.

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yaggerdang September 3, 2019

I bow to thee O Katie. @katiejacoby @officialthewho @jointogetherwiththebook Photo: William Snyder
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yaggerdang September 3, 2019

Yup. I’ve always been the main feature. Sorry Rog. This was a UK TV show. We mimed ‘I’m A Boy’.

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38 thoughts on “Pete: Home after the Tour”

  1. Sully says:

    Great news, as always! Stay healthy, my friend!

  2. Steve Oswald says:

    I am looking forward to the book and new album, both pre-ordered. I hope you, Roger and the band are still planning on performing in Dallas in the spring. We were all naturally disappointed that the concert had to be canceled, but certainly understood the reason. Glad to hear Roger has recovered.

  3. Ed Wenzel says:

    As far as Pete’s chest infection. Hope he gets the flu shot and Pneumococcal Vaccine. Very important!.

  4. Terry H says:

    All good stuff…We missed you in Denver! Hope to see you all in the spring

  5. Craig Robertson says:

    Thanks for everything you have added to my life from the age of 14 (1971) – fantastic memories and the music has always been, and will be, in me forever.

  6. Ben D. says:

    Pete has commented in videos posted to Insta that the band is definitely coming back to the USA next year for the New Orleans Jazz Fest and the makeup shows for Houston, Dallas, and Denver. Let’s get those dates confirmed! May I suggest adding a few more gigs to the schedule?

    NOTE: The Jazz Fest typically announce its lineup in January, so I’m assuming we’ll be waiting until then to hear the confirmed dates. The best clue we can go off of at the moment is the Jazz Fest takes place 23-April through 3-May. The respective arenas in Denver, Dallas, and Houston also have events calendars online, but outside of a few confirmed events, April & May are pretty wide open at this time for those venues. LONG LIVE ROCK!

  7. Michael Edwards says:


    So much to say before I run away to be a jerk at work. In a few chosen words: Thank You, your blog meister, Rachel your wife, Roger and your given muse who you emulate so truthfully. May we get together some brilliant day to share and say….

    ✌ ❤ 🎵

  8. Peter Heuston says:

    I can’t wait to reac your book and hear the new Who album. We flew into Boston to see you guys at Fenway. It was definitely the strongest Who show I have seen in years. I love the new material.

  9. Hugh M Harrison says:

    Thanks for sharing Pete, looking forward to receiving my autographed copy of Age of Anxiety, it’ll keep company with Horse’s Neck, The Story of Tommy and Who I am.I appreciate your time over the years the few times I was able to connect on tours and ask you to sign them. Thanks,Regards Hugh

  10. Roberta Dose says:

    Sorry for chest

  11. Garry Henley Higher Life Project says:

    Cheers Pete your inspirational talent has inspired me..keep it up!

  12. Brian Cady says:

    Thanks for posting your Instagram posts here, Pete. I’ve had to avoid them as I didn’t want to give any attention to the Zuckerberg properties.

  13. Jeff Blake says:

    Hi Pete, My wife and I were fortunate to catch The Who show in South Florida and I just wanted to thank you and the entire band/orchestra. I’ve been to at least a dozen Who shows and they have all been great (I don’t know if anything can top the 2 Florida shows in’76, the only ones I saw with Moon) but this tour was exhilarating. I look forward to the new album, your novel and whatever other creativity you see fit to share. Love, Jeff & Lisa Blake

  14. Stevie says:

    “I’m sitting in the Sheraton Gibson playing my Gibson…..boy do I want to go home”. Enjoy your time off, please come back. I don’t know if you know this, what you do is important. Stay well

  15. David says:

    Thanks for the trip across time. May that cold not develop.

  16. Harry Koester says:

    Pete! Your music has changed the world. I don’t think I would still be kicking if it were not for all the music. The lyrics. The live shows. I saw you guys 4 times this tour. Worth every dollar!! Thank you. I would love to sit down and chat with you. It’s on my bucket list. Hope that could happen before it’s moved to the fuck it list!! Lol

  17. Mike Lamoureux says:

    Hi Pete,

    I was lucky enough to catch you this time around and Fenway and of course you’ve never disappointed. I’ve been also been lucky enough to see you both solo and with The Who nearly 20 times since 1989 and thank you for every moment and wish you all the best. Enjoy your well deserved rest!!


  18. Guy Dossin says:

    You are Brilliant Pete, Merci.
    Thank’s again for all your work since 1963 and you dedication, still looking to be so near your “wholigans”… With Roger You are GREAT human beeing ! Proud to have follow your work since I am four years old ! 50 years now !
    Take cares of yourself both of you it matter for Us !
    You’re still a “Young man blues” Merci et à bientôt en France !

  19. Jason says:

    Feel better Pete!

  20. Donna McDonough says:

    Always been a fan. Glad you’re still going and still sounding awesome.

  21. Mike says:

    Been a fan since 66… Just want to say thank you for busting your ass as long as you have

  22. Allyson Shelly says:

    I didn’t know you played the cello!!! I just hope you didn’t smash it….lol. Take care of that infection….Love, Allyson

  23. Bobby Lane says:

    My brother brought home Tommy when i was seven years old. The power of the acoustic guitar on that record inspired me to play. I’ve now been a professional for 38 years. Thank you, Pete!

  24. Clive r v smith says:

    Hi Pete, I’ve been a Who fan most of my life, am now retired and living in west Wales. I grew up listening to Who Hendrix Backtrack LPs, a disco friend had them in his collection, the next thing I recall was the Who’s Next album release, and hearing this over and over again just changed my life! And have been a Who music fan ever since! Think I met your brother in a pub in Carmarthen one evening back in the 80s? We had a chat about music and I raved on about The Who and your songs and what they meant to me, he was very interested in what I had to say! I am so glad you’ve stayed together as much as it’s been possible ! It means a lot to us all over the planet! Your latest tour with the orchestras has been interesting for all, I’ve been watching some of the concerts on iTunes, I hope all is well with you and the band! I’d like to say thank you for your music and lyrics! I’ve been inspired by over the years! Cheers to you and family.

  25. Roy McLellan says:

    Get well soon Pete. Can’t wait for March to see you in Glasgow again, last time was awesome and I’m a lot nearer the stage this time! I’m especially excited that there will be new material this time! The album is pre-ordered and I hope some of the songs will make it to the Glasgow set. Experiencing them live always opens up new perspectives on them. On my way to Instagram now!

  26. Laurence Kahn says:

    Pete, Was at The Hollywood Bowl for my 100th WHO show! Every single show has been an incredible experience. Sometime exhilarating, sometimes heartwarming but always emotional and palpable.

    The journey of life is a crazy thing and it has been a great pleasure to be in the audience for all these shows. I think I feel more myself and at home at a WHO show than anywhere else!

    Next show I’ll wear a red carnation so you know WHO I AM!

    LK….White Plains, NY

  27. Pete, I’ve been a huge fan ever since I sat on a pillow right in front of you in ’69 at the Boston Tea Party when you played all of Tommy. You’ve been an inspiration since then and I’m thrilled that after all this time you still find the strength to continue to go on the road and make new music. I hope your tinnitus is not too overwhelming ( I know that one as well). Be well. Stevie

  28. Helen says:

    Hey Pete! I hope you soon feel much better- I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I’m also very much looking forward to reading your book… I bet it’s a fascinating read.

  29. David Krakow says:

    Pete thank you for everything… excited about the very busy fall of new releases! I hear you might visit across the pond when Anxiety paperback comes out? If so, please don’t forget Philly! We so love you dearly here. Cheers

  30. Jake Thomas says:

    I can’t wait to see you and Roger in March in Cardiff Arena.I first saw you at the Sophia gardens pavilion in the same city on 1970 and I have never seen anything like it since (I have seen all the top bands but nothinglike you guys.)

  31. Luis Corró says:

    Thanks for posting again. I went to New York in May, just to attend The Who s´concert at MSG. Every time i ve was able to attend a Who concert, is really funny to watch the other fans. Sadly at the May concerts, you did not play any new songs; but “Imagine a Man” and “The Rock” did it for me. Since i do live in Panamá, i will be ready to fly either to Europe or the US for your next round of concerts promoting the new album. This weekend i spent re reading your WHO I Am book again and found some really interesting facts that i did pass by the first time i did read. Like for example, the “M” and “Gratis Amatis”, “songs” you did compose….

  32. Marc Cerasoli says:

    Please Please Please put out a DVD of this tour with the orchestra it was amazing!!!!

  33. Warren Bishop says:

    As always, thanks for everything: new music, new book and constant inspiration for this old geezer still pounding local stages because fuck it, it’s rock music and who else is gonna do it?

  34. Greg says:

    GET WELL SOON PETE . Looking forward to Dublin in March 2020 but really wish you could play Belfast again. I am sure that there are more loyal fans than me in Northern Ireland but have not not met them yet.

  35. Ron Parsons says:

    Hey Pete just wanted you to know I never fully understood the song ‘Going Mobile’ until I purchased a motor home. I get it now… “ play the tape machine make the toast and tea”…

  36. Diane Giesen says:

    Pete & Roger, we saw you in St. Paul…Jones Beach and Hollywood bowl with our kids living in these cities. It was magical to say the least. If you find your self back in good old USA ( SOuth Dakota) this December your invited to Surprise the heck out of my husband on his 65th Birthday and the day he will retire!! He’s been a fan since he was 15 years old and will continue to be beyond the end. Want to share our WHO themed party speech that I wrote for him… enjoy!!!!
    thanks for ALL the memories of our lives!!!
    Tonight as we JOIN TOGETHER, this YOUNG MAN, BEHIND BLUE EYES can finally say I’m FREE!
    I CAN’T EXPLAIN but there is no SUBSTITUTE for getting on that MAGIC BUS at 5:15 and GOING MOBILE, ANYWAY ANYHOW,ANYWHERE and being able to SEE FOR MILES
    The KIDS ARE ALRIGHT and I call that a BARGAIN
    Now friends of MY GENERATION and MY WIFE can enjoy some OLD RED WINE. It’s PURE and EASY
    This is a SUCCESS STORY

  37. Hafsteinn Halldorsson says:

    Dear “Old” Pete. I´m from Iceland and I was a seaman for 40 years, so my only hobby was music. The Who are only second to The Beatles (sorry) in my “obsession” for my hobby. After are The Kinks, The Stones, Bowie,Lou Reed, Iggy pop, Alice Cooper, Genesis, Jethro Tull and beyond.

    My favourites of yours are Quadrophenia and Who´s Next (Why not get a 2 LP together for Lifehouse?) I love your new songs, but the drums are too loud and the guitars are too soft! Keyboards too prominent! Love your last call !Who gives a fuck!. But why say it? SHOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music is my life and I am a goddamn good arranger and mixer. Two of my sons are musicinas and Ive mixed their music to their satisfaction. Paul MccCartney has the same problem!. Mix it to the middle of the road!!! I hope I’ll like your new album as a whole! Love on ya! Im 61 years young.

  38. bill says:


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