The P.E.M. Memorial at Finneytown High School, Ohio

The P.E.M. Memorial was created in August 2010 to commemorate the lives of our three friends who were tragically lost on December 3, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio while awaiting entry to a concert.  There were a total of 11 lives lost that fateful evening . . . three were from Finneytown High School – Stephan Preston, Jackie Eckerle and Karen Morrison.

Preserving three memories – building three dreams – the driving force behind the creation of three scholarships for graduating seniors of Finneytown High School headed to college with a major or minor in the fields of the Arts and/or Music.

Every first Saturday in December at Finneytown High School in the Performing Arts Center (PAC), The P.E.M. Memorial Committee celebrates the lives of our three lost friends with an event to raise funds for the three scholarships which includes an amazing performance by the Finneytown Alumni Band and various other local musical artists.

The 9th annual P.E.M. Memorial this year – to be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm –  is going to be very special and unique. We’re hoping everyone can attend this year’s P.E.M. Memorial to witness firsthand what is going to be a truly mind-blowing surprise!!!

To find out more about The P.E.M. Memorial and how you can contribute directly to the three scholarships ( a total of 24 scholarships given to date) you can visit us at

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