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We are pleased to announce that Richard Evans, The Who’s long-term designer and art director, has taken over the role of webmaster of


Of his appointment Richard says . . .


Dear Wholigans,


I am very pleased and honoured to have been asked to take over the role of webmaster of following the sad death of our dear friend Rob Lee. If I can achieve half of what Rob did for this site and for you Who fans I will feel it a great achievement in itself. He truly was one of a kind.


Rob and I started working together creating this site back in 2007 and once my design of the original site was up and running I took a back seat and watched as grew from strength to strength. Today it’s the first stop for Who fans around the world. Let’s work together to keep it this way.


With the 50th anniversary of The Who coming up it’s an exciting year ahead. We’re currently working on lots of new things to bring to the site over the coming months.


I know several of you already either as close friends, fans I’ve met at Who gigs, or via the site forum and I look forward to meeting many more of you in due course.

Best wishes,



3 thoughts on “New Webmaster”

  1. Jim perry says:

    Congratulations Richard. I have two prints of yours hanging on my landing, “Who’s Missing” and “Two’s Missing”, Signed y you and Pete.I bought them from St Pauls Gallery in Birmingham UK about 9 years ago and I bloody love them. If your a Who fan buy one they’re amazing. Thank you and well done! Best Jim Perry

  2. Kim says:

    Hello Richard! Happy to meet you! from KK, AZ, USA

    As Rob once said (and probably more than once)Let’s have a ball!!!!!

  3. midnighter99 says:

    It has been a dreadfully sad season, but this is a very happy day.

    Whoville now rests firmly in the most talented and capable hands, indeed. This move, unfailingly, honours Rob’s memory and the fans’ wishes for a site driven by an imagination that can scale every height upon the horizon with nimble dexterity and unique vision.

    Cheers to you, Richard


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