Magic in Glasgow

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“The Who, SECC, Glasgow – Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend can still command Quadrophenia’s magic” – The Independent

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The Who’s UK tour arrived in Glasgow last night and received a rapturous repsonse from the audience.  Where else can Quadrophenia, the story of a young mod called Jimmy, be appreciated by so many other Jimmies?
“The tour is shaping up to be one of 2013’s cultural events”, says NME in its latest issue.
Set list:


I Am the Sea

The Real Me


Cut My Hair

The Punk and the Godfather

I’m One

The Dirty Jobs

Helpless Dancer

Is It in My Head?

I’ve Had Enough


Sea and Sand


Bell Boy

Doctor Jimmy

The Rock

Love, Reign O’er Me



Who Are You

Behind Blue Eyes

Pinball Wizard

Baba O’Riley

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Tea & Theatre

The tour arrives in London this weekend, with two performances at the O2 (Saturday and Sunday).
A few tickets are still available for the tour HERE.
For official Who merchandise, click HERE.

14 thoughts on “Magic in Glasgow”

  1. John Reid says:

    Great concert! Age starting to show but they can still play and sing. The Entwistle and Moon cameos were a brilliant touch. Still the Best rock and roll band in the world!

  2. Boab Bruce says:

    That is how its done!! Quite simply…..phenomenal, from The Who last night!!! Rocking from start to finish and played for just over 2 hours was blown away and proud to have been a part of it.

  3. Scott C says:

    Well done boys… ’em how it’s done!

  4. Stefanie Hirschmann says:

    I`ve been looking forward to see them in London June 16th….wanted to fulfill me my biggest dream…paid 1000 pounds for the ticket, this is the salary for 1 month!!!
    Plus flight and accomodation….but haven`t received anything so far…my flight goes on Saturday and it looks like my money`s gone and my tickets too.
    …I`d call that a bargain…the worst I´ve ever had…dum da dum 🙁

    1. tinsoldier says:

      To Stefanie – get onto Ticketmaster right away and they should cancel the originals and let you pick up duplicates at the venue – this happened to me with Ticketsoup and all was ok on Wednesday

  5. Russel Campbell says:

    I seen “The Who” at Hyde Park in June 1996 doing Quadrophenia at the first ever Princes Trust concert, when Entwhistle was still alive and Zak Starkey was on drums. Couldnt beat that (except having Keith Moon on drums, of course).

    My parents seen “The Who” in London in 1969 when they first performed “Tommy” live.

    1. Boab Bruce says:

      The Entwhistle and Moon montage was fantastic!!…was disappointed not to see Zac Starkey when I noticed he wasn’t there! However I thought Paul Devours was superb

  6. Howie Lee says:

    The place is really jumping to the Hiwatt amps,
    ‘Til a 20-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps,
    In the blackout they dance right into the aisle,
    And as the doors fly open even the promoter smiles,
    Someone takes his pants off and the rafters knock,
    Rock is dead, they say,
    Long live rock, long live rock, long live rock.

  7. David Bisset says:

    If the concert had been in Edinburgh, it would have also received a 5* rating by the Scotsman.

  8. Stefanie Hirschmann says:

    Thank you so much for saving my tickets last minute 😀
    Thanks to you, I can collect them in London on Saturday and see the greatest band of the world perform live!!!

    You f***ing rock!!! Thank you so much!!!

  9. Jon Tyrrell says:

    I am going on Sunday can’t wait best rock band ever.

  10. pete beeson says:

    the who in glasgow best i ever seen the who perform brilliant hats to vintage trouble great openers

  11. Rasheed din says:

    Damn tooting the who were magic,hope you enjoyed your visit to scotland,as much,as we enjoyed the gig,so much has been said so far,that its all quite a haze,but hand on my own heart……… was f……….BRILLIANT…….thanks !

  12. Rasheed din says:

    It really was something to behold,at the secc in glasgow,ive talked to people who werent,particular who fans,and guess what they didnt want it to end…….enough said,i would think!!

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