Katie Jacoby Exclusive Interview!

Katie Jacoby, who currently tours with both The Who and on Roger’s solo UK tour, talks with’s Richard Evans in an exclusive interview for members of The Who’s Wholigan Fan Club.

The interview can be found in the Wholigan Fan Club. Members will need their password to enter. Once logged in go to Wholigan Fan Club News.

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5 thoughts on “Katie Jacoby Exclusive Interview!”

  1. Deborah says:

    Saw you all in Austin! Great show!!

  2. Robert Daguman says:

    Brilliant Musician and beautiful. !

  3. Christopher Barlow says:


  4. Paul Rich says:

    I have been a long term Who fan since I first heard them perform at the Oval Cricket ground way back in 1971! I was fifteen years old.
    They are my favourite all time Rock band
    Love Pete’s songs and Roger’s voice.
    Brilliant dynamic band and no one can rock like The Who!

  5. Eric Klotz says:

    Saw them in Bethel in May 2022 and Katie was just “amazing” and of course what can I say about The Who except truly “Fantastic” and I am hoping to see them on the last leg of the tour.

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