It’s Doctor Roger!


Roger Daltrey has just been awarded an honorary degree by Middlesex University in recognition of his contribution to the music and acting industry over his six-decade career. He joined hundreds of students who were graduating, some of whom contributed visuals for his interpretation of The Who’s rock opera Tommy, which he toured last year in the USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan.


In his acceptance speech, Daltrey said: “If I had the power to give honours, the students would be getting extra honorary degrees from me. After having the privilege of working with them on my production of The Who’s Tommy, I was amazed with their vision and creativity. I look forward to seeing more of their work knowing that, within the visual creative industries, the future is a bright one. For me to receive this degree is an honour indeed.”


To read a full article about this, go to NME News.


It’s been a busy week for Daltrey. He received the degree on Tuesday and on Wednesday he and Pete Townshend announced in a press conference that The Who will be touring Quadrophenia and Who Classics in North America from November. More information on this at



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