Whether or not the Press has been in four minds about the stunning and bold stage production of Quadrophenia isn’t the point. What very much IS the point is that there are two kinds of rock fans now listening to and apreciating Pete Townshend’s glorious score. Kind One? Out and out Who fans, nostalgic for the band they loved and still love, yearning for the good old days when Pete, Rog, John and Keith roamed the stage with their one-eye patches, unbeatable as one the greatest live bands on the planet. Kind Two? Kids who weren’t born when Keith Moon died, discerning music fans, into what’s happening now, and into the next great thing. The songs in the travelling stage production are irresistible and the performances stunning.
This morning’s Guardian provides a fascinating insight into the relevance today of Quadrophenia. To read it, CLICK HERE.
For more info on the show, including venues, theatres, ticketing, the cast and reviews, go to the tour’s dedicated site by CLICKING HERE.
Quadrophenia T-Shirt

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