In Memoriam John Entwistle

October 9, 1944 – June 27, 2002
Tributes to “The Ox” from Pete and Roger:
“When we speak about loving someone, there is always something unsaid. We love people we do not like. We like people we can never love…. I loved John, I liked him, I respected him, and I miss him….Some people are utterly without peer. When they are gone they leave an immense vacuum. So it is with John.
– Pete Townshend (To read the full text of Pete’s reflections on John, click HERE.)

“So its 10 years on from that sunny day in LA when I got a phone call from Pete telling me of John’s death. It seems like yesterday. I still think of him often. I miss his love, his friendship and his wonderful dry sense of humour. The great thing for me about playing our music “live”, even with different bass players who don’t have the same sound, is that John is right there on the stage with me. Keith too. I have said from the stage many times that the thunder they created in their lifetimes still echoes around the Universe. It always will.”
– Roger Daltrey

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