HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

“I am, like everyone else, immensely saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her devotion to duty and service to this country, as well as those of the Commonwealth, is something that was admired by people the world over.
My generation was lucky to have her in our lives as someone who brought us all closer together and bridged divides.
A ray of light in a sometimes very dark world.
What a great woman. 
She will be truly missed.”

Roger Daltrey

“I’m very sad. Elizabeth was a great and strong Queen. But I am happy to have Charles as King. He is a good man. So I have conflicted emotions. Elizabeth’s funeral will be a turning point for our country. It’s time to think about how we want our future to unfold. There is always hope.” 

Pete Townshend



Photo © David Bailey

8 thoughts on “HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022”

  1. We will not see the likes of her nor her husband again. From a generation who didn’t line cry and have to display their every emotion on social media. Long live the king!

  2. Richard says:

    Beautifully statement from both Roger and Pete. The Who are and always will be a patriotic band who love their country and that is why we love The Who and our Queen. The Queen is dead. God bless her. Long live the king.

  3. hugh slevin says:

    Echo Pete& Roger + we are lucky to have had her majesty & The Who, the benefit of being born at the right timeThank you all

  4. Mike Lewis says:

    I am an American, but loved the Queen and admired her love for her country. THE country that gave me my beloved ” OO ” , Who ?,THE WHO , MY BROTHERS THAT CARRIED THE TORCH FOR THE PAST 60 PLUS YEARS. THANKS PETE ,THANKS ROGER, YOU GUYS DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ” MY GENERATION ” !!! LOVE YOU .

  5. Mark Chaffer says:

    i would like to thank the band for helping me through a tough time your lp help me and me dream is to see you live and my feruvite song is long live rock and tommy love all the films you band have done keep on rocking is good

  6. Mary Schwarz says:

    I am a USA resident but I like all of these comments about Queen Elizabeth.

  7. Terry Sherwood says:

    From Canada. Rest easy Lilibet. Your Philip has called you.

  8. Steve Petrov says:

    Awesome statements. In true Mod fashion the Who are rebels with taste and class. As a British born UK, American and Australian citizen I am still not over the loss of our greatest monarch.

    Love reign over me! God save the Queen!

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