GQ Man of the Year 2013: Who Else? Roger Daltrey!



“There are two sides to the Who,” writes Brett Leppard in this month’s edition of GQ, “both equally valid but often at war with one another. While Pete Townshend freely admits to overthinking every element of his life, Daltrey is one of life’s doers – and all the better for it. He remains one of the best rock frontman: a man of passion, force and formidable charisma………. At 69, he remains the benchmark by which all future frontmen will be measured.”


According to lifelong fan Jeremy Clarkson (in the new issue of GQ), “Everybody should be forced to go and see The Who before they’re allowed to pick up a microphone.”


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16 thoughts on “GQ Man of the Year 2013: Who Else? Roger Daltrey!”

  1. Astrid says:

    Everybody should be forced to go and see The Who before they’re allowed to pick up a microphone

    A wise saying!

  2. lynda grace says:

    all well said words.

  3. Stephane says:

    Roger Daltrey est la voix de The Who, il chante avec ses trippes et son cœur.j’ai eu l’occasion de voir the Who en concert quelques fois et je n’ai jamais été deçu, bien au contraire, ils m’ont fait avançer dans la vie….Longue vie à Roger et à Pete !

  4. Alena says:

    A well deserved award given to an amazing man! The best front man in rock and roll history, a passionate supporter of the Teenage Cancer Trust, and so much more! You’ve always been my “man of the year” Roger!

  5. Kevin Insley says:

    Richly deserved to one of the most under-rated artists of the past 50 years. Congratulations Roger!!!

  6. Mick Malin says:

    Great frontman. Great man. The greatest live rock and roll band ever. Long live rock.

    1. steve morris says:

      next hopefully a knighthood

  7. David Wooldridge says:

    No question! Roger Daltrey is the ultimate frontman!Class,power,attitude,range,longevity,talent,energy,inspiring to name a few! Long Live The Who!Roger deserves all the accolades he gets! the work he does for charity is simply fantastic..a sign of the man! Brilliant!

  8. Robert Fricke says:

    You have always been DA MAN!!!! Rocks on forever and congratuations!!! long live WHO rock!!

  9. Damian Fox says:

    Nice one Roger! Effortless, except when on stage you give it your all.

  10. Manami Izumiyama says:

    Mr. Daltrey is THE MOST good-looking guy in this world and he’s got THE GREATEST voice as well. The more he gets old, the more his voice gets stronger and deeper! The happiest thing in my life is to be able to listen to his gorgeous singing voices while I’m alive!

  11. Manami Izumiyama says:

    Mr. Daltrey is a singer who has THE MOST powerful and sensitive voice in this world. So many people have been saved by his singing voice. Keep on singing and keep on doing what you’ve been doing!

  12. Manami Izumiyama says:

    Congratulations!!! Mr. Daltrey, you really deserve the award! I’ve been sick since the end of the year 2011 and I’m hospitalized now (along with my PC to read this sight and listen to The Who songs. Smile). The Who songs and your voice really encourage me! I’ll follow you to conquer the disease and climb the highest mountain some day.

  13. guillaume robert says:

    this is a message for Mr Townshend…dear Sir, just ended “who I am”, and really enjoyed it! thanks for the brilliant surprise, and one question, I saw nowhere the mention of “odds and sodds” album, in your book…how comes??? best regards from a french musician, who grew up listening to you…

  14. Sara says:

    The most gorgeous, beautiful man in the whole wide world! No one can even compare to the eternal beauty that is my sweet babboo!

  15. Congratulatios (again)!
    I watched Mr. Daltrey’s speech on line and I really was touched.
    You are the REAL GQ of every year!

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