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In support of Prostate Cancer UK

…a spectacular setting, combined with a high profile celebrity audience and large public attendance, really does enhance the prestige of “The Sport of Kings”.




Kenney Jones is teaming up with Prostate Cancer UK to bring you a totally unique event – one that combines pukka ponies with the ultimate in high-end horsepower. The Rock n Horsepower event in aid of this fantastic cause will offer all the excitement and spectacle of Polo, plus the chance to eyeball a jaw dropping array of high performance supercars. And all topped off by an evening concert featuring Kenney Jones and some very special friends.


In the summer of 2013 Kenney was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. With no family history of prostate cancer it was discovered when he went for his regular blood test. Having gone to his GP for an annual check-up, the nurse recommended that he take a PSA test. When Kenney asked what this was she explained this was to detect problems with the prostate, including cancer. She highlighted that most men his age should discuss with their GP whether to take the test, and he agreed. Kenney received a call from the Dr’s surgery to discuss the blood test results. The nurse informed him that his PSA readings were high for his age and she suggested that another test be done just to double check. Returning after a week, Kenney’s PSA reading was slightly higher so the nurse referred him to a specialist.


When Kenney found out that he had prostate cancer he took the news in a calm manner. He knew that he needed to inform his family of his condition, find out about treatment options and what the journey would mean for him. His philosophy was, and still is ‘it’s good to talk’. He researched into brachytherapy and various treatment options and looked at all the information that the hospital gave him. Kenney thought it was a no brainer for him, he knew he wanted brachytherapy and if that did not work then he had the option to have his prostate taken out. With a 90% success rate he was sent off to get an MRI scan. Within a week, his wife, Jayne received a call to find out that nothing else was found, to their delight – the cancer was contained within the prostate.


In January of this year Kenney had his brachytherapy treatment and is recovering well. There have been few side effects and feels almost normal. He has his follow up appointment in a few weeks but is expecting good results.


Kenney believes detecting the disease earlier is important as it can be contained and treated.  He is keen to spread the word and encourage others to seek advice from professionals about whether to get tested. Playing ignorant to the disease is being selfish in Kenney’s view, as it’s not fair on the family, he believes act early and get it sorted.  He encourages his friends to talk about prostate problems rather than shy away, which is something he would have done many years ago. Kenney believes strongly that no one should keep quiet about this killer disease.


The idea of holding a fundraising event at the Polo club for Prostate Cancer UK had been discussed in 2012 before his diagnosis. Kenney thought it was a great idea and agreed to hold it at Hurtwood Park Polo Club, little to his knowledge that two years on he would be diagnosed with the disease just 18 months later. The best way, he believes, to raise awareness and reach out to men is through music, motors and sport.  


Kenney has a whole load of connoisseur cars lined up. At last year’s event we set a new world record by bringing together over 300 of Ferrari’s Pininfarina-designed masterpieces. Among the cars on display were a 275 GTB Spider, a 250 GT SWB, a 365 Daytona and many more recent Ferrari models including the 360 Modena and the 458 Spider.


It’s not just about supercars though. He also have the superthrills of a top-class Polo match – something simply unequalled among equestrian sports – at an event that’s guaranteed to attract a stellar crowd of celebrities, patrons and world class players to Hurtwood.


There’ll also be masses of children’s activities to keep the kids royally entertained. And there’ll be some serious retail therapy too!


Our fantastic line up so far includes, Kenney Jones (from The Small Faces, The Faces & The Who), Mike Rutherford (from Genesis & Mike and the Mechanics), Jeff Beck, the Boomtown Rats, Josh Phillips (from Procol Harum), Rick Wills (from Foreigner), John Lodge (from Moody Blues), Fabbagirls, Dave Bronze (from Procol Harum), Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart), Viv Reeves, Geoff Dunn (from Procol Harum), John Thirkell (from Jamiroquai), John Parr (singer/songwriter – St. Elmo’s Fire) + many more to be announced over the coming weeks.


We are looking forward to collaborating with such great names to help raise as much money as possible for such a wonderful cause.


Taking place on 14th June 2014 (over Father’s Day weekend) it will be give Prostate Cancer UK much needed support as it works to improve care today and find answers for tomorrow.


Prostate Cancer UK fight to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. In order to do this they focus on these three priorities; supporting men and providing information, finding answers by funding research and leading change to raise awareness and improve care. They are the country’s leading charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate diseases. The numbers of men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year is rising. It is predicted to become the most common cancer by 2030. And an ageing population means even more men are likely to face other prostate diseases.   


Previous polo and music events at Hurtwood have produced beautiful weather and attracted crowds into the thousands as well as some famous faces, and we look forward to expanding on this with this years event.


For more information please contact:

Hurtwood Park Polo Club, Horsham Lane, Ewhurst, Surrey, GU6 7SW

01483 272 828 ext 3.

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