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23 thoughts on “Exciting news coming soon. Sign up to be the first to hear.”

  1. Durand says:


  2. Jeff Cameron says:

    New Album YES !

  3. Can’t wait for the new Who album due out in November according to Pete Townshend when I saw the group at Blossom Music Center yesterday evening.

  4. Richard Lafontaine says:

    LOVE Pete and The Who! Real MUSIC by REAL people! Who knew?! haha

  5. Thierry RABIER says:

    i agree to be the first to hear news !

  6. Shigeki nishina says:

    New album?

  7. madar says:

    waiting for The Who news!

  8. So Sir Peter Blake has designed the cover for The Who’s latest album! Great news!

  9. Bryan says:

    Can’t wait for the news of new album release.

    What about UK Winter shows?

  10. Joseph McMahon says:


  11. ryo says:

    Looking forward to hear that.

  12. robert says:

    The Who are the best.

  13. Alisom says:

    More UK dates would be good.

  14. Wynford Thomas says:

    Uk tour dates 🙂

  15. Frank Fraietta says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  16. hiroshi sugimoto says:

    i love the who

  17. Perry Carnes says:

    Heard Ball and Chain on You Tube. I had to hook my phone to a patch cable…and through my stereo speakers at one in the morning. It woke my wife up through the floor boards, and she got mad at me. This version is the best! Not only is guitar great, but you can hear the drums and bass! The spirit of John and Keith are there!

  18. Luis says:

    The way is over ! Pete has said that they recorded 16 new songs plus a old demo he did in 1965. Also that a Simon song, was going to be included. We have to spread the word ! Two new songs have been played on this tour: Guantanamo (that is include on the latest Pete Townshend CD), and Hero Ground Zero.

  19. Deborah Stanley says:

    The Who , the greatest band on earth !!

  20. Catherine Macaluso says:

    Love you both…hearing impaired dudes. Come back to Philly but indoors st Wells Fargo please.

    CitizenBank Park was a nightmare! That means they had crappy prefab stairs on field and I got hurt. So lets do this right. Go indoors!!! Miss you and may you live FOREVER! I am notbig on your baba violin. Just electrify me! Roger, we will always help you. Happy Autumn! Wishing you WELLNESS always.

  21. Joe Healy says:

    So disappointed that Roger lost his voice in Houston Please come back soon!!!

  22. Vaughan says:

    will this tour appear on DVD and who is supporting The Who in Manchester next year

  23. Jerry Penick says:

    Looking forward to the WHO in Texas!

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