Bye Bye South America

Buenos Aires. So, last show on this little tour of South America. First and possibly last, but experience has taught me not to make predictions. It’s been wonderful to play to such youthful and energetic crowds and to be treated with such hospitality everywhere we go. I have loved playing stadiums again. Being a support band to Guns N Roses also means we play just 90 minutes which I love because I can start as I mean to finish: FLAT OUT. We’ve also built a little fire under G&R. They’ve been playing great.

God smiled with rain, thunder and lightning last night. But the water in the hotel was cold. Such is luxurious living.

Around Buenos Aires are ghettos of self-built shacks in shanty towns along the side of the roads. I wonder seriously whether this might happen in the UK if we don’t address homelessness on our streets.

It’s autumn in England now until December 21st. The best time of year I think. Unless you’re homeless. We don’t expect good weather and don’t get it but we know how to dress.

The flight home is long. But it’s in the right direction.

Pre-show. Make up station calls.

My scented candle. Aw!!! Thank you Whirley.

Zak’s practice kit.

Zak’s food.

This is to stop me getting bugs from scumbags like you when we hug and kiss and shake hands. I don’t use it. Atchooooo!!!

Check out Tyler Bryant. One of the bands here. Fabulous.

So it rained heavily for us. My guitar gear was not happy being wet. The crowd were wet but young.

My hotel room.

Bye bye Argentina . . . thank you.


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