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Welcome back!

We’d discussed an idea to bring back some sort of a Backstage Blog while we’re not on the road. It makes sense to mine the deep well of road-crew stories for this: It’s nearly an endless supply of memories. Some are funny, some descriptive, some complaining, all kinds.

As it happens, Locarno, Switzerland was on my list of places to mention. And I happen to have some nice photos of the city – and you have been able to watch the eventful show itself on our streaming channel, Join Together @ Home. So here we go, Locarno it is . . .

5 thoughts on “Brian Kehew’s Offstage Blog”

  1. Jim Coyle says:

    I’d very much enjoy seeing an article about the logistics of a Who tour. When/how does their equipment get to the states? How long does it take for load-in and set up! When are the band members brought to the venue? What happens after a gig, etc etc. Thanks for considering.

  2. Neil Rogers says:

    I would love to get my hands on one of The Who Road Cases with the classic logo. Tell Rog to auction a few off for TCT. And since it’s my idea, I get to buy one or donate to TCT straight out. : ). I miss all of The Who family! Be well!

  3. Neil Rogers says:

    Brian, thank you for the post. Any chance that entire show will be released? I really miss Real Good Looking Boy being performed. I believe I was at a show where you stepped in and played piano on that song.

  4. TourSwag says:

    Jim Coyle might enjoy this article from Hyde park which describes some of the work-a-day preparations for the gear

  5. Ted Maloney says:

    Thanks, Brian! We are out here reading and listening, so please give us more!



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