Bid to win a guitar signed by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey!

Pete Townshend has very kindly donated a white Gibson SG guitar signed by himself to a charity auction in aid of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group’s Mobile Outreach Programme. To bid on this amazing guitar and other fantastic items please go to the charity’s website.

** UPDATE! 6 November: This morning Roger Daltrey joined Pete Townshend and added his signature to this beautiful white Gibson SG guitar.

If you wish to go straight to the bidding page you can find it here.

The guitar is a Gibson SG 2011 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend Polaris White, released in 2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gibson SG and Pete’s later use of Polaris White Gibson SG Specials. To celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the instrument behind the Live at Leeds-era Who performances and recordings, the guitar has all the period-correct details of an early ’60s Les Paul/SG Special. With Pete’s preferred hardware complement, this model represents the early ’60s SG Special with a smaller pre-’65 pick guard (5-ply B/W/B/W/B) that Pete used for the first British Quadrophenia shows in late 1972 and early ’73, before switching to a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe for the remainder of the decade. The guitar comes in a replica of Pete’s original case with the word WHO stencilled on the lid.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group transforms lives by saving sight in the world’s most unique region facing decades of conflict resulting in the poorest people lacking the basic privileges of ordinary life.

We are the oldest and only charitable provider of expert eye care in the Middle East and have clinics in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem treating patients regardless of ethnicity, religion or the ability to pay.

Our main hospital in East Jerusalem has been operating for over 137 years. The hospital is the main provider of eye care for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, and sees many of the most complex eye cases from across the oPt, which are referred to us from medical centres across the West Bank and Gaza. As it is the only charitable provider of eye care, the importance of the hospital for the region cannot be overstated.

St John Eye Hospital has a large outpatients department, specialist eye units, operating theatres and 24-hour eye emergency services.

Our facilities are internationally recognised as operating to the highest standards. St John Eye Hospital recently became the first Palestinian hospital to be awarded the three-year Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. JCI is a US-based organisation that has established patient safety and quality service standards for health facilities worldwide.

With high rates of poverty in the region, it is essential that we continue to make our services available to all.


11 thoughts on “Bid to win a guitar signed by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey!”

  1. Daniel lanzas says:

    Save the children always! And long live rock

  2. Andrew Sooman says:

    Children literally are the future

  3. Carlos Aguirre says:

    I will help the children in any part of the world, they have our aid for ever!! :3

  4. Daniel Levy says:

    This idea really rocks!

  5. Pete is one of the greatest players ever and i would be honored to have such a guitar as that.

  6. Phil Hopkins says:

    A lottery would have been fairer…not all WHO fans have a spare 5 thousand

  7. Jean Connors says:

    Yes, this made me happy. Although I can’t afford to bid, I love the cause and was just playing save it for later last night.

  8. jazza says:

    While the point is to raise as much money as possible for a worthy cause auctions deny the ordinary fans an opertunity to own a tremendous (priceless) piece of memorabilia. Not knowing the nuances of organising but surely offering the chance to win by raffle would give everyone a chance to win albeit the more tickets purchased increase the chance of success but would that would be an individual decision.

  9. mr freestuff says:

    I agree with both Phil and Jazza . I would love to bid but i haven’t even got a vessel to urinate in.

  10. Brad S says:

    I agree, A raffle would have given everyone an equal chance…For the common hard working Who Fan that doesn’t have the resources to compete with Corporate level spenders on such a great item, it’s just a fantasy to own such a great piece..A very good cause for Charity…

  11. Mark Smith says:

    Love to own this but bidding is out of my league /budget
    No denying it’s a fantastic gesture and cause
    But surely tickets like a raffle or lotto
    Would raise more money than a auction
    Sure people like myself and other would buy one or two in the hope
    But never the less good luck in raising as much as possible

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