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The Who 2017 Tour: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI, July 25, 2017

Back again – this is another sports arena, typical for us. And we’ve been here before, too; known territory. Van Andel Arena is big and easy for a show, lots of room. We like it. Pete arrived, but bowed out […]

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The Who 2017 Tour: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, July 22, 2017

Without question, this ought to be a good show. The building itself is simply stunning, likely the most gorgeous place we will play. Built back in the 1920s, the structure has style and taste, having been largely kept up (or […]

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The Who 2017 Tour: MGM National Harbor, National Harbor, Maryland, July 18 2017

And another show, this one in a wholly different type of venue; a modern plush casino, full of rich carpet and upholstered seats. Sonically, this is a “soak up the sound” room, almost no echo compared to the metal “shed” […]

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The Who 2017 Tour: CMAC Performing Arts Center: Canandaigua, NY, July 16, 2017

This show is in a “shed” – the touring nickname for a half-covered amphitheater: The seats in the front have a metal roof, open at the sides and back. In case of rain or blazing sun, the people who paid […]

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The Who 2017 Tour: City of Québec Festival , City of Quebec, QC, July 13, 2017

Following one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen, we load in early at the festival site. This stage is ENORMOUS, with only the Desert Trip (Coachella) stage being larger. It’s not that we need a large stage; we […]

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The Who 2017 Tour: Tour Rehearsal, Quebec City, QC, July 11, 2017

Ah, here we are, back again at it! “The Who Hits 59 And Counting Tour” is on again. They seem to be “not retired” – in fact, both Rog and Pete were energized by the last tours of North America […]

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