A big thank you from Roger

A big thank you and much appreciation to all of last night’s crew who gave up their time to Teenage Cancer Trust,

To Joan Armatrading, Richard Ashcroft, Kelly Jones, Far From Saints, and Lola Lennox for their fabulous performances.

To Simon T, Billy Nicholls, Ben T, Jody Linscott, Doug Boyle, Katie Jacoby, John Hogg and Steve Oakman.

Also to everyone who took the trouble to turn up on their scooters in order to highlight the scooter from our Quadrophenia tour which, having being completely restored by Aaron Wight, Roger and Jim Dean, will be auctioned later in the year for the charities.

Last, but not least, thanks for the remarkable work of Chris York, Rob Ballantine and Simon Moran from SJM, Des Murphy and Angie Jenkinson.

Without their help, none of this would have happened.

What a great team!


7 thoughts on “A big thank you from Roger”

  1. David Cook says:

    It’s a big thank you to you Roger and the outstanding work you do for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    There is no Substitute.😉

  2. dave says:

    thankyou Roger for all your hard work Your a truly lovely guy

  3. Marty silvanic says:

    Your very welcome Roger! Been a huge long time fan of THE WHO and all of the band. Since I was 13 years young. Now I’m 56 yy. And admired the band forever. Long live rock I need THE WHO every night! Best wishes. Thanks so much-needed music in my life! BE LUCKY!!!!

  4. Mick Davies says:

    Hello Roger. Can’t wait to see you guys during the coming tour. Can you tell me what time you will be on stage at Badminton on the 16th July please. I’m trying to fit in a family Christening before I travel down from the Midlands.
    Many thanks

  5. PR says:

    Roger Daltrey the best frontman of all time still singing better than ever!

  6. Kevin Moore says:

    You are the best, Rog!

  7. Mark Brylski says:

    Great band still!

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