The Kids Are Alright

US: Pioneer 12116; Pioneer 12103 Deluxe Edition. Re-released: September 30, 2003.
UK: BMG 74321 100878. Re-released: April 26, 2004.

An essential upgraded DVD that restores the original unedited cinema print, at the correct speed with a 5.1 stereo audio track.

This first-rate, 100 minute biopic – among the apex of rock on celluloid – appeared as an unwitting tribute to Keith Moon when first issued in 1979. Directed with genuine affection by US fan Jeff Stein, this exhilarating, non-chronologically assembled documentary includes live and lip-synched footage and interviews stretching back to 1964, concluding with WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN from a specially filmed performance at Shepperton Studios in 1978, which turned out to be Moon’s last stand. Highlights include non-split screen footage from Woodstock (PINBALL WIZARD, SPARKS and SEE ME, FEEL ME), A QUICK ONE from The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus, and spectacular footage of the band smashing their equipment, notably the (literally) explosive opening sequence from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967.

Also worth mentioning are some amusing and insightful interviews with Pete stretching back to 1965 and the non-performance B&W promotional film made for HAPPY JACK in 1966.

The Kids Are Alright is the definitive rock documentary, essential not only to Who fans but lovers of music in general.


  1. MY GENERATION From The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, CBS TV Studios, Los.Angeles, recorded September 15, 1967, broadcast September 17, 1967
  2. I CAN’T EXPLAIN From Shindig! filmed at Twickenham Film Studios, August 3, 1965, broadcast October 2, 1965 and January 6, 1966.
  3. BABA O’RILEY Recorded at B Stage, Shepperton Film Studios, May 25, 1978.
  4. SHOUT AND SHIMMY Recorded at 5th National Jazz And Blues Festival, Richmond Athletic Grounds, August 6, 1965 and broadcast on Shindig! Goes To London’, December 9, 1965.
  5. YOUNG MAN BLUES Recorded at the Coliseum, London, December 14, 1969.
  6. PINBALL WIZARD Recorded at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel, New York, August 17, 1969.
  7. SEE ME, FEEL ME / FINALE Recorded at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel, New York, August 17, 1969.
  8. ANYWAY, ANYHOW, ANYWHERE Recorded at Rediffusion Studios, Wembley, July 1, 1965, broadcast on Ready, Steady, Go! July 2, 1965.
  9. A QUICK ONE, WHILE HE’S AWAY Recorded at The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus, December 11, 1968.
  10. SPARKS Recorded at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel, New York, August 17, 1969.
  11. BARBARA ANN Recorded at J Stage, Shepperton Film Studios, July 21, 1977.
  12. ROAD RUNNER / MY GENERATION BLUES Recorded at the Silver Dome, Pontiac, Michigan, December 6, 1975.
  13. WHO ARE YOU Promotional video shot at Ramport Studios, Battersea, May 4, 1978.
  14. MY GENERATION Recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival, June 18, 1967.
  15. WON’T GET FOOLED AGAINRecorded at B Stage, Shepperton Film Studios, May 25, 1978.

The 2003 deluxe edition featured a second disc with the following bonus items:

• Miracle Cure – Restoring the film for DVD
• Getting In Tune – Audio Showdown
• Trick Of The Light – Picture Showdown
• The Ox: An Isolated Track of John’s bass feed
• The Who’s London – Tour of important Who locations in London
• Behind Blue Eyes: Q&A with Roger Daltrey
• Anytime You Want Me – Multiple camera angles
• Pure And Easy – A warm-up for the casual fan
• It’s Hard – 21 correct answers wins the prize
• See My Way – Q&A with Jeff Stein, Director

Executive Producer: Sydney Rose.
Produced by Bill Curbishley and Tony Klinger.
Associate Producers: Jeff Stein and Ed Rothkowitz.
Musical Director: John Entwistle.
Restored by John Albanian.
Packaging Design: Richard Evans.

Directed by Jeff Stein.