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Simon Townshend in conversation with

Last week we resumed our series of interviews with various members of The Who family and crew with a very special guest, Simon Townshend. Simon very kindly came in and spoke for about an hour with’s web master, Richard Evans and talked at great length about many things including growing up in such a famous family and of being the younger brother of ‘Big T’,  his solo career, his involvement in joining The Who touring band and his delight in having one of his very own songs appear on the new Who studio album. He also answered a slew of questions from Who fans here on our website forum.

Huge thanks to Simon for such an enjoyable interview.

Simon with Richard Evans

Introduction: ‘Break The News’ by Simon Townshend (demo), written by Simon Townshend. Copyright Control.

End fade out: ‘I’m The Answer’ by Simon Townshend and featuring Eddie Vedder, written by Simon Townshend. Copyright Control. Bonus track from the 2016 album Looking Out, Looking In.