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Roger Daltrey talks to’s Rob Lee, 10 January 2008

When The Who’s official web site began back in 2007, its first web master was Rob Lee who held the position until his sad and very untimely death in 2014. During his tenure Rob carried out several interviews with various people in The Who camp, including three with Roger Daltrey. Others he talked with included John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, Bill Curbishley, Nigel Sinclair, Aubrey Powell and myself, Richard Evans.

Sadly these interviews fell by the wayside when we had a big re-design of The Who website in 2017 but I was delighted when Who fan Rie Tsubouchi told me that she had downloaded and kept all these interviews on file and asked me if I would like them. I jumped at the chance of putting them back on the site. So here we are with the first of these interviews. This dates back to 10 January 2008 when Roger chatted with Rob, who put to him a selection of questions from you, the fans.

I shall be posting all the others up in the Fan Club over the next couple of months so keep checking back.

Richard Evans, web master