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Q&A with John ‘Wiggy’ Wolff

John ‘Wiggy’ Wolff setting his lasers for Keith’s close-up during filming of The Kids Are Alright at Shepperton Studios, 25 May 1978.

For the second of our Exclusive Content interviews I met up with John Wolff to talk about, amongst several other things, his days as chauffeur to Keith Moon and John Entwistle in the early days of The Who, his work in creating those incredible light shows for the band in the 1970s, most notably seen on the ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ footage from Shepperton Studios in 1978 (see video below) and endless amusing anecdotes about touring with the band. John also reveals the true story about the photo-shoot for the cover of Who’s Next and how he built Ramport Studios completely from scratch in a matter of weeks. All in a day’s work for The Who’s original Mr Fix-It.