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Q&A with Who sound man Bob Pridden

Bobby Pridden at the desk. Air Canada Arena, Toronto on Roger’s birthday, 1 March 2016. Photo by William Snyder.

I sat down with Bobby Pridden on Tuesday morning armed with a selection of questions that you fans had posted on the forum. As many of you will probably know, Bob has worked for the band for 49 years this year (2015) and next year celebrates his half-centenary with The Who. Not a bad innings really. He was on excellent form and as you will hear, came out with some wonderful and often hilarious anecdotes about his life and times with Pete, Roger, John and Keith.

This is the first of several Q&As that I hope to do with the various members of The Who ‘family’. I hope they’re all as much fun as this one was! And many thanks to Bill Curbishley for the loan of his office.

Richard Evans




“Well, I can fix it, Pete but it might take a couple of minutes”. Bob and Pete at the Wells Fargo Arena, Philadelphia, PA, 17 March, 2015. Photo by William Snyder.

Roger and Bobby hoping for a successful show. Verizon Center, Washington, DC, 24 March 2016. Photo by William Snyder.