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Katie Jacoby in conversation with Richard Evans

Katie Jacoby got together recently to chat with’s Richard Evans about what it was like growing up in Delaware in a music family and learning to play violin at a very young age, and about becoming a gun-for-hire musician in New York City’s avant garde music scene. She tells of the excitement of being asked to tour the US with Roger Daltrey, his band and orchestra on the Roger Daltrey performs The Who’s Tommy tour and subsequently joining The Who to tour with them. Her rendition of the violin coda on ‘Baba O’Riley’ has become legendary. Richard also poses some questions to Katie from Wholigan Fan Club members.

With Roger, the band and the New York Symphony Orchestra at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens, NY on 17 June 2018

Playing that ‘Baba O’Riley’ solo at Wembley Stadium, London with Pete Townshend,  The Who and orchestra, 6 July 2019