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Moving On! Tour: US Final Leg, October 2019

Short report today, as I prepare a report of the San Francisco event.

We’d had a scheduled week-off planned before the West Coast leg of this tour, our last runaround for this North American tour. And with two shows postponed until spring 2020 (Dallas and Denver) we added almost another week into the break schedule. This interval has been helpful and everyone’s back in a good mood and well-rested.

I’ve decided to grab some video from the wonderful Tampa Bay show, as it illustrates how positive and fun the shows on this tour have been. Rog and Pete are in fine form, demonstrating how chatty and comfortable they are on this tour. I always say that many of the best bits come in-between the songs – if you’re going to film a Who show on your phone, then run it after the song’s end! You may end up catching something never-again repeated, something hilarious, or a tidbit about the creation of a favourite song. The crew finds these are unique gems of their very accessible and friendly nature onstage. Not many bands are like this, and we should value it.

This show was full of great moments, so we’ve picked just some highlights and put them together. This may hold you “in the mood” until we can report back tomorrow with our first show back: San Francisco!


Pete’s ‘moment’