Our Dear Friend, Rob

As many of you may have heard our webmaster Rob Lee passed away suddenly over the weekend. He was much loved by the whole Who family and he will be missed not only by us but by the many friends he made in running the website for the last seven years.


Pete and Roger have sent the following messages

From Pete


I will always remember Rob Lee as kind but firm. If he was a gangster we would have called him cruel but fair. He never flinched from telling everyone involved in The Who the truth as he saw it. We valued his ideas and his opinions. He was afraid of no one.
In his last months, the winter in the UK has been very stormy. He emailed me often to say how much he loved walking on the beach with his dog, the wind and rain making him feel more alive than ever before. So his last days were spent by the sea in the south of England, where he has always dreamed of living.
When I heard about his death I suddenly realised I loved him. I knew I liked him, and he irritated me sometimes – but I hadn’t realised I cared so deeply about him. He was a great friend to me and so many others.
Of course we will miss him. But he is irreplaceable in his his work for The Who, on the website and on all aspects of our career. He helped Roger and I work together in new ways, and without him we couldn’t have reached the accord we enjoy today.
Wherever he has gone, I hope they don’t do PowerPoint presentations, we may never hear the last of it.  I know there is an ocean up there, out there……..but I hope there is plenty of breeze, some shingle and a dog to take for walks.


From Roger


Boy.. I’m going to miss him so much.
He has been such a support to me over the last few years and will be impossible to replace.
Not just for his friendship and council,but for his creativity.
Without his input   last years Quadrophenia production might never have taken place.
I would speak to him regularly about everything under the sun with honesty and humour.
I loved him dearly.