Download FAQ

1. What do I so with the .zip folder once I’ve downloaded?

Make sure you unzip the folder before importing into your music player. Click here for instructions on how to unzip your folder.

2. I ordered a FLAC download, I have one code and two files to download. What do I do?

Because the FLAC files are so large we split the entire show into two parts. You can use the one code you received to download the two parts. You do not need to make any additional purchases to download that second part.

3. I am trying to download my show on my mobile phone or tablet, why is it not working?

To download your show you must be on a desktop computer, it will not work on your mobile phone or tablet. After you have downloaded and unzipped the folder on to your desktop computer you can then import into your phone, tablet, or mp3 player.

4. Is this download for MAC or PC only?

You can download your show(s) to either a PC or a MAC, as long as it is a desktop computer you can download your show.


If you are still having issues with your download, email