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“I’d just like to say thank you to all of you for the kind birthday wishes and my thanks for your loyalty and support over the years.” ~ Roger



  1. Rob Fricke says:

    Happy birthday and enjoy the day and many more years to come!!

  2. Pete Oswald says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Roger !!!!! Hope to see The Who again soon !!!!!!!!

  3. Yumiko Wordley says:

    Happy birthday Roger. I’ll be 61 on the 10th. I used to be a young girl, being mad on the Who in Japan, and still the same, but with my two young sons. Almost all of your gigs, we go, sometimes having queued up for 6 hours to go to the front and sometimes in the modest seats, always with my young sons. Love the Who more than 40 years, and very happy, you haven’t changed at all, since I was a mere teenager.

  4. Anthony Mikula says:

    Happy Birthday Roger. I hope you enjoy many more.

  5. Mark Bishop says:

    Happy belated birthday roger keep up the great music. From Mark in sunny st austell cornwall

  6. Morten C Arendrup says:

    Happy birthday Rog. See you at thr Hall 1 April. You have made a second to none pay back to the teenagers who made the Who in the first place. Rock on forever Pete and Rog ??

  7. Andrew says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Roger! You’re going strong, keep on rockin. Thank for the music and the 15 Who shows. Always hoping for 1 more.

  8. Luile says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Roger Harry Paltry. Was among the many who attended your Las Vegas concert. It was a joy to be among the many true fans like me. Hope you do tour Latin America this year. You will find, Argentinian and Chilean and Peruvian fans are even more noise and true fans than mexicans !

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