Previously only available as part of the long deleted ‘Live At Leeds’ deluxe boxset this is the first time that ‘the connoisseur’s choice’ has been available as a stand-alone double cd. The live album from the band’s performance in Hull on February 15, 1970, the night after the Leeds gig was recorded, has long been regarded as the fans favourite of the two shows.


A small selection of original tapes for the Hull show were missing bassist John Entwistle’s contribution due to a recording mix-up, but for this edition the parts have been added from the Leeds show.


Pete Townshend from his autobiography ‘Who I Am’


“I had a few weeks free from engagements to mix and edit the two new live tapes, but it only took me two days. The first reel I put up, from Hull, had no bass guitar track. If I had listened to the subsequent reels I would have discovered that this was only an intermittent problem, that more and more of John’s playing had been safely recorded as the show went on. But it seemed such a tricky problem to fix that I moved quickly on to Leeds”.


Who front man Roger Daltrey 
”Hull was a better gig than Leeds, I remember it like it was yesterday, although in retrospect ‘Live At Hull’ doesn’t really trip off the tongue!”


The double cd package will come with an all-new 6-panel digi-pak based on the tapes recorded by soundman Bob Pridden on the night.


One of The Who’s managers at the time, Kit Lambert later commented “In those days live albums were always Live At the Coliseum In Rome or Live At The Palladium, Hollywood Bowl, etc. I said ‘live’ isn’t really like that. Touring is much seedier. So why didn’t we think of Live At Grimsby or Live At Mud-on-Sea. I looked at the schedule and said: ‘You’re in Hull on Wednesday and Leeds on Thursday [sic] so it’s going to be Live At Hull or Live At Leeds”


The Who – Live at Hull



Disc One:

  1. Heaven and Hell                                       5:09
  2. I Can’t Explain                                           2:26
  3. Fortune Teller                                           3:22
  4. Tattoo                                                           3:00
  5. Young Man Blues                                     5:56
  6. Substitute                                                    3:04
  7. Happy Jack                                                 2:13
  8. I’m a Boy                                                      2:45
  9. A Quick One, While He’s Away            8:51
  10. Summertime Blues                                  3:34
  11. Shakin’ All Over                                        4:34
  12. My Generation                                          15:24


Disc Two: Tommy

  1. Overture                                                    6:53
  2. It’s a Boy                                                   0:31
  3. 1921                                                            2:26
  4. Amazing Journey                                  3:18
  5. Sparks                                                        4:23
  6. Eyesight to the Blind                           1:58
  7. Christmas                                                 3:19
  8. The Acid Queen                                      3:35
  9. Pinball Wizard                                         2:25
  10. Do You Think It’s Alright?                  0:22
  11. Fiddle About                                            1:13
  12. Tommy, Can You Hear Me?               0:55
  13. There’s a Doctor                                      0:23
  14. Go to the Mirror!                                    3:24
  15. Smash The Mirror                                  1:19
  16. Miracle Cure                                             0:13
  17. Sally Simpson                                           4:01
  18. I’m Free                                                       2:39
  19. Tommy’s Holiday Camp                        1:00
  20. We’re Not Gonna Take It                       8:48


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