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Brian & Pete Brian Kehew and Pete on the 2006/7 US tour. Photo: William Snyder /Trinifold

Welcome to The Who’s Backstage Blog where our behind-the-scenes blogger Brian Kehew posts the inside ‘news and views from a backstage pass’. As part of The Who Hits 50! road crew, Brian is the band’s keyboard technician and lets you in on all the activities that go into producing each and every fabulous night of the US tour.

Brian first met The Who's longtime guitar tech Alan Rogan in Los Angeles and, at Alan's request, he then worked with Pete Townshend on some of Pete’s solo shows in 2000. When the 2002 Who tour started, he began fulltime work as their keyboard technician. For the next 14 years, Brian worked nearly all The Who's shows and in 2006/7 he filled in for John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, playing keyboards on the American tour dates.

HARVEY’S Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nevada- 16 Aug 2017

As I said last time, no two venues are alike on this tour! Today we’re in beautiful (outdoor) Lake Tahoe, a gorgeous mountain lake resort area, straddling the State lines between California (where our last show was) and Nevada (where ganbling is legal, hence our recent Vegas shows in this state.) In fact, this casino […]


OUTSIDE LANDS Festival, San Francisco- 13 Aug 2017

Talk about a turnaround: This show is exactly the opposite of our recent Las Vegas shows. In Vegas, we all became rather nocturnal, as that town is a nighttime place running well past 2am on most nights, and the days are blistering hot at noon. Here, we woke before dawn and were driven into the […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – 11 Aug 2017

The last show in Vegas!! We made it. Six shows in two weeks – not too hard and nobody went stir-crazy. We’ve had good audiences, which was the main worry. In Vegas, you’d expect a good portion of the crowd to be just-in from their home states and looking for a show – any show. […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – 9 Aug 2017

  I don’t know if I’ve discussed the video screen here (it seems not.) There is a HUGE curved screen around the band. It’s installed here long before we arrived, paid for (we hear) by Celine Dion herself. When it went it, it was state-of-the art. Now, our video crew brings brighter/sharper video screens when […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – 7 Aug 2017

  In case you were wondering, it IS weird being here in Vegas for so long. It’s not bad – or awful – just weird…       We have, on occasion, done TWO shows in one place, or even more back in 2002 when we’d have four nights at Madison Square Garden, for example. […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – 5 Aug 2017

  Rain? Yes.       Still hot as blazes but there was strong wind and rain today; monsoon season, they call it. Odd, but it works, bringing a bit of England along for us tonight!       Friday night and it ought to be a big one. And it IS !!! Pete literally […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – 1 Aug 2017

  AEG – the promoters – have done a great job of getting the word out. If you fly in, you see Who signs everywhere in the airport, and if you drive in, stationary and mobile billboards advertize the show. It’s our time here, a good contrast to the longterm shows that run for months […]


THE COLOSSEUM, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas – 29 July 2017

  Our second time here, as we did a single show about a year back. The WHO and Vegas have an interesting relationship. Right before our show here last time, Roger told me “Oh! We’ve been here before, in 1968. We came with Tom Jones to see James Brown. Same old dump, they’ve just tarted […]


VAN ANDEL ARENA, Grand Rapids, MI – 25 July 2017

  Back again – this is another sports arena, typical for us. And we’ve been here before, too; known territory. Van Andel Arena is big and easy for a show, lots of room. We like it.       Pete arrived, but bowed out of soundcheck and camped out in his room. Highly unusual, but […]



  Without question, this ought to be a good show. The building itself is simply stunning, likely the most gorgeous place we will play. Built back in the 1920s, the structure has style and taste, having been largely kept up (or restored) over the years. Built right on the famous Boardwalk among the beach casinos, […]


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