DESERT TRIP FESTIVAL (Weekend 2) – COACHELLA, CALIFORNIA Oct. 16, 2016       Exactly one week later, we return to do this festival. An odd feeling, to have deja-vu but know it’s a real memory – and not so long ago! It’s all the same, we see the same workers, the same empty places […]

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Oct. 12, 2016 – MEXICO CITY, MEXICO


Palacio de los Deportes – MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Oct. 12, 2016       WOW! This was the first-ever WHO concert in Mexico – that’s something to note right away, and significant enough in itself; a whole country of people who have not have the chance to see this band in-person.   ¡THE WHO LLEGA […]

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#50YearsOfTheWho 18 October 1966 The Who take over half the show #readysteadygo
#MyGeneration Super Deluxe Edition. Out 18 November. To pre-order
#PalacioDeLosDeported tonight #backtothewhotour #TeencancerAmerica Tonight @ 8:00pm
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#TheWeekendStartsHere #DesertTripIndio Welcome to #TheRollingStones #BobDylan Have a great day!
#RogerDaltrey says he owes a lot to teenagers, who have loved his music  for decades. That's why he supports teen cancer patient care. You can support them too by watching our special this Saturday, October 8 at 8 p.m. You will also have a chance to win a pair of premium tickets to see #TheWho and tons of great bands at @DesertTripIndio. @TeenCancerAmerica #LetMyLoveOpentheDoor #TeenCancerAmerica
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